Pšovka - The Club for the embellishment of Kokořínsko

The Club was officially established on the 13th of January 2003 by the Ministry of Internal Affairs registration. The Club is effective in the Kokořínsko Protected Land Area (PLA). Members of the Club are local citizens and “cottagers” - the owners of local real estate that care about the heritage of our ancestry and to the glamour of this colourful landscape. Our charitable society organizes mostly volunteer activities aimed at the preservation and restoration of small religious and natural monuments that are mostly in poor condition in our region. These monuments where affected by devastation connected with the postwar displacement. Devastation was also brought about by the years of totalitarian government during which the tracks of spiritual, cultural and natural heritage of previous generations were wiped away from the minds and souls of inhabitants. A lack of interest and thoughtless steps annihilated the diversity and beauty of the local landscape. 

In relation to our activities we take part in different grant proceedings and our club cooperates with other similarly oriented civic organizations (for instance the reconstruction of a church in the neighbouring Bořejov village). 

Our members participate in the creation of tourist maps; we have edited a small publication about the little Pšovka river and interesting places nearby, we have archived all available historical materials concerning Kokořínsko PLA. The club also organizes concerts and exhibitions.

In this way we would like to address all people that have any written or visual documents that are related to our region and ask them if they would lend us such material for making copies and depositing them in our file. Also, we would like to address all admirers of our region who would like to take part in our activities. In case of endowment we will propose to you the use of your donation.

Endowment account for monuments restoration was opened with Česká Spořitelna a.s. account No.: 1944048399/0800. Thank you very much.

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